Vinyasa Card No 8

about vinyasa yogaHip Circles with Lateral Stretches
This Vinyasa Yoga card includes lateral stretches, hamstring openers and hip opener Yoga Postures. There is also a way to stretch the knee and lower leg laterally. This means it rotates outward in the stretch.

This may lead to ligament instability in the knee if proper knee strengthening exercises are not practiced regularly.

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The first Vinyasa Yoga Pose shows an unusual pose. The ankle is placed over the right thigh. If this is too hard to achieve try this
Yoga Posture with the bend left leg simply on the mat.

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The right arm comes under the right bent leg and grabs the inside of the right big toe. The lower right leg is then twisted externally.
(This Yoga Posture is probably not the healthiest thing to do on the internal ligaments.)

The left arm is stretched up in an opposing direction.

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Hold for as many breaths as you like then Flow on an exhalation into the side stretch.

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The right leg is extended out and the opposite arm grabs the big toes or foot. (If you can’t do this just stretch the left arm up.
Its a really good stretch with the left arm up.)

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On an exhalation twist down and lean forward. Point the toes this is an ideal time to stretch the anterior ankle.

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Lean to the left a little and carefully swing the right leg back.
Relax for a moment then raise up into Kapotasana the Pigeon pose.

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Use the fingers for a little support. It exercises the finger strength also.

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Perform this sequence in the same order on the opposite side. This sequence can also be performed in a reverse order.

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