Yoga in an art that has lasted the test of time. Some of the spiritual psychology that was written thousands of years ago will probably remain for thousands of years to come.

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Beginners yoga learn the starting steps to yoga with many safety tips. See beginner yoga positions to get you started and become familiar with many of the yoga poses.

Yoga Sequences - Practice sequences of Yoga Poses

A yoga sequence is a number of yoga poses done in succession. See hundreds of printable yoga sequences you can use and practice with.

Flow Yoga

See many flow yoga sequences and learn how to flow from one pose to the next. 8 different yoga flows you can practice.

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Open Leg Side Shoulderstand Salute
A beautiful flow though hip openers, hamstring openers, backbends and shoulderstand variations.
Total Duration: 06:53

Half Lotus
Headstand to Scorpion

Shows a basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.
Total Duration: 03:02

Standing Side Flow
All the standing postures in this flow are sideways. This makes transitioning easy and smooth.
Total Duration: 02:30

Half Lotus Tree Vinyasa
Half Lotus Tree flow involves entering Tree Pose and blends into many Half Lotus poses.
Total Duration: 00:38

What is Yoga?

One of the most accurate descriptions of yoga is:
"The Union of body, mind and soul with the awareness of a greater body."

"Yoga is the ancient art of breaking down the perception of separation and removing suffering."

What Does Yoga Mean?

The word "yoga" is related to that of the English word "yoke."
It can mean blending together or to join or together.

Yoga Resources
"Ha" meaning sun and "tha" means moon. The word Hatha refers to a balance between Sun and moon energy lines within the body. A sage of 15th century India called Swatmarama introduced wrote a book of instructions on yoga designed to purify the body and prepare it for meditation. The book was called the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Yoga today is seen as a combination of conscious right living, yoga exercises using yoga poses, yoga breathing, and meditation.

Light Lateral Vinyasa Yoga Flow- Resources

  1. Start with standing then:
  2. Inhale into Chair Pose
  3. Exhale to a forward bend.
  4. Inhale step the left leg back.
  5. Exhale, turn the back leg so that the heel touches
    the mat and enter Extended Side Angle pose. Hold and inhale.
  6. Exhale into Triangle. Hold and inhale.
  7. Exhale turn inward and straighten the right leg. Then inhale bend into the lunge. (This flow is often repeated up to 12 times to lengthen the hamstrings).
  8. Exhale into Downward Dog, hold then inhale.
  9. Exhale forward to the low pose called Astangasana.
  10. Inhale to a mild Cobra (You can do a deeper Cobra or Upward Facing Dog)
  11. Exhale back to Downward Dog.
  12. Inhale forward to the raised Uttanasana and
  13. Exhale into the deeper version with the head to the legs.
  14. Finish with an inhale to Tadasana.
Vinyasa Teacher Tips
If you are a yoga teacher you can hold the standing yoga positions such as Triangle and Extended side angle for a little while the first time around to touch upon alignment issues. Then you can flow through the Vinyasa with the breath without pausing. See more about yoga teaching techniques.

Vinyasa Flow Sequence
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The Sundance of koundinya. See these Beautiful Sun Salutations with arm balance poses.

Following the breathing is always quite challenging as the mind has a tendency to jump ahead. Patience and tranquility allow insight and unity with breath, this allows us flow through Vinyasa Yoga sequences and be light with the body.

Often the breath is held when entering a yoga position. The mind is easily distracted and it is hard to stay fixed on the breathing. Balance and control is needed. Seek a smooth breath, feel good alignment, empty and still the mind then fill it with light.

flow yoga

What to look for in yoga classes.

These days yoga is often associated with various Yoga Exercise which include Yoga flows of different Yoga Postures known as Vinyasa Yoga but this is all a type of yoga called Hatha Yoga in which almost every modern day yoga style is part of. Learn more about Yoga Online and browse through vinyasa
yoga tutorials.

In this day and age yoga is seen as a sequence of exercises and stretches with a little meditation and breathing techniques.

The methods of yoga were passed on by word of mouth thousands of years ago. Then they were put into writing in many verses by the Indian yogic sage Patañjali as the Yoga Sutras, which remains the basic roots of yoga instruction.

Many yoga teachers are barely qualified to teach yoga classes. Learn more about qualities to look for in yoga teacher and yoga teacher training. See what's involved in yoga certification.

When looking for good yoga studios here are some things to to consider. Some may provide good yoga equipment while other provide a great atmosphere.

Learn more about yoga instructor Mark Giubarelli Other related yoga links with useful tutorials.

Featured Yoga Videos

Sun Salutation Series >>
Shows camera shots into the sunset alone.
Allows for peaceful watching.

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