Neck Pain
Caused by injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the neck area. Disc problems are also common.

Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain is more often related to muscle and ligament damage and disc injury is less common.

Upper Back Pain
Usually related to muscle and ligament imbalance or injury. Poor posture is also a common cause xercises show strengthening and stretches.

Lower Back Pain
Muscle strain or disc injury cause a great majority of low back pain. The lower back is an area that is quite often injured in individuals.

Sacrum Sacroiliac Joint
Located between your hips this large bone needs to be balanced and have space.

Sciatica down the legs.

Coccyx - commonly referred to as the tailbone.

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Yoga For Back Pain

Many of these poses are known to help relieve back pain. Try to do the forward bends light.

You can greatly reduce back pain with yoga poses. and help heal back problems with proper back exercises. Let us help you understand how you have the power to heal and manage your back's health. Choose the affected area for info:

Best Yoga Postures To Heal Back Pain

Yoga for back pain exercises for stretching the spine are below.
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Back Exercise Chart - Areas For Healing

yoga for back painNeck Pain

Shoulder pain

Upper Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Sacroiliac Joints


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Yoga for back pain should begin with simple stretches for the lower back then yoga exercises that strengthen the back and supporting muscles
Yoga for Scoliosis - Scoliosis is a very complicated back problem. Unlike many other back problems
which are usually in one area scoliosis is an imbalance of the entire spine.

Common Causes of Back Pain

1. Incorrect posture - Proper Posture to prevent back pain.

2. Improper movements or bad body mechanics.

3. Repetitive motion on joints or muscles.

4. Disc injury can be the cause of prolonged back pain but muscles and
ligaments may also be damaged or inflamed. Bulging Discs

5. The sacroiliac joint can create pain when it does not sit in its housing correctly.

6. Infections, tumor, cysts and bone spurs.

Best Way To Heal Back Pain

1. A combination of exercise that involves yoga, swimming and weight training
will give you the best results. All these exercises should be done lightly.

2. Correcting posture and movement when sitting, in everyday life
and when you perform back pain exercises you perform.

3. Use a hot tub regularly and get the affected area massaged.

4. Learn to target muscles that are tight and painful with careful stretches.

Yoga For Back Pain - Back Exercises

In these pages you will find all the information you need to reduce lower back pain with special yoga exercises for back problems. Often times when done correctly you can heal your lower back completely. Many times all the back needs is a little regular exercise. Even just 10 minutes a day. With just a little effort and some experimentation you can find exactly how to exercise your back and reduce the pain or become pain free.
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See a yoga back exercise flow

See all the back exercise wheel


Unilateral movements can stress the Sacroiliac joint. These are yoga postures such as Tree pose and Warrior 3 pose which involve balance on one leg. "-

Deep standing yoga postures may also stress the joint but done lightly may be beneficial. If a yoga posture feels like it is causing greater pain patterns it should be avoided or at the least modified.

Postures like Cobra pose done mildly can really help sacroiliac displacement and herniated discs. A low Cobra pose is preferred for healing disc injuries.

Learn how yoga can sometimes cause back pain but can also help to heal back pain.

Be sensible. If your attending a yoga class don't come straight into Upward Facing Dog. Choose a light Cobra pose and protect your back. Do this throughout your practice or at least for the first 5 to 10 Sun Salutations. This is the best way to aid the healing process.
Choose an exercise program that is not too intense. Slowly increase the intensity of stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent aggravation in the spine. There may be a little back pain after exercises but don't be put of. Try again at less intensity. Choosing the right Yoga for back pain will strengthen the spine and increase flexibility. This is necessary for support and greater range of motion.

Yoga is important for reducing back pain and improving movement and function, although practitioners often find it difficult to maintain exercises when an injury is aggravated by back exercises.

Back exercises are necessary for a healthy spine and can many times remove back pain but proper posture must also be practiced to greatly reduce back pain on daily basis.

More yoga back exercises to prevent and help back pain.

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Cobra pose is a healing yoga posture for the low back but this posture may have a negative affect if done incorrectly or too deep.