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yoga positions - Upavistha Januparivrttasana

Translation: Seated Revolving Knee Pose

From a seated position bend the knees to the chest. Allow one knee to open sideways to the mat.

Take the hand under the other leg and over the big toe. Twist the foot back towards the body.

Twist and open the chest using the other arm for support and help in twisting. Use the fingers, palms or ball points of the fingers for support.

Look over the shoulder so that the twist continues through the neck.

Extend up through the top of the head to lengthen the spine when twisting. This will allow more space to occur between the discs and help to protect them during the twists. This should be applied to all spinal twists.

For a more advanced posture put the foot of the legs that's down over the thigh on the other leg. This will be Half Lotus in the pose.

Yoga Teacher Tips
This stretch can be quite hard on the knees. Give an alternative if someone suffers a knee ailment from wear and tear such as worn down cartilage or torn internal ligaments or response that are negative in the knee.

Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Flowing
Vinyasa Yoga postures to transition from and to:
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Ardha Padma Upavistha Januparivrttasana

This pose shown below is a deeper variation of the above knee stretch. It feels more like a side stretch than a spinal twist. The arm is shown with a diagonal extension. It can also be done straight up of in harmony with the side of the bodies curve. Experiment with different positions


Deep versions of side stretches and spinal twists can also be performed.  In the yoga posture opposite the shoulder is brought down beside the knee. This increases the hip and lower back stretch. The arm is laid on the mat behind and diagonally out to create an anterior shoulder stretch.

If the foot is held by the other arm a deep spinal twist is entered. Raising the other arm up will stretch the anterior shoulder muscles on it. Do both variations so that both shoulders are stretched.


"Find the many hidden variations of yoga postures.
In exploration we find evolution."

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