Beginner yoga positions

Beginner yoga positions shows many yoga pictures for the yoga beginner and useful tips for those who have just started to practice.


Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

Translation: Triangle Pose

In the advanced yoga pose Triangle pose is done with the hand down quite far as shown but if you are a beginner in yoga simply place the hand further up the leg. Simple modifications to yoga positions can be made to make them beginner yoga positions. Place the lower hand on the mat, if possible, and extend the other upwards. More about Triangle pose. Some beginners will have flexible hamstrings and be able to perform this yoga pose with ease. Others will have to do the modification for comfort.

yoga position

Balasana is sanskrit for Child pose and is often done by beginners. Many yoga beginners will have inflexible knees and should be careful when doing this pose.

Come back towards your heels lightly so that you stretch the knees but do not strain them.

Try using a block or a cushion for extra support.

beginner yoga

Cobra pose is done in almost every yoga class. The version shown is very high for beginners to yoga unless you have a flexible spine. Choose to raise up into a mild stretch to protect your back and don’t be tempted to raise as high as possible.

Often times in yoga classes we look at the teacher or other more advanced flexible students and push the body too far. To be a good beginner in yoga find gentle boundaries and make sure you always push lightly and listen to your body.

beginner yoga position
There are many spinal twists in yoga but this one is a yoga positions for beginners. More advanced yoga positions straighten the legs either both sideways or one down and the other sideways.

The knee that is on top can sometimes struggle to come down as beginners often don’t have flexible backs. Allow it to float and slightly place your hand on top of it so that a mild twist is applied to the lower back.

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