Navasana Boat Pose

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Navasana Boat Pose

Yoga posture – Navasana

Translation: The Boat Pose
Navasana boat pose
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From a seated position bent the knees and tilt the upper body back.
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Straighten the legs. Point the heels, toes or ball points of the toes.
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Apply a little pressure inward so the legs stay together and lengthen the inner legs.
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Raise the chest up and allow weight to fall upon the sacrum. Or balance on the very end of the tailbone. (The Coccyx)
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Lengthen the torso.
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Keep space around the front of the neck. Push through the top of the head to balance the energy that moves through the toes.

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This pose tones the abdominal muscles and some areas of the legs. The rectus abdominus raises the upper body and
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Healing effects
This pose is good for lower back injuries because it strengthens the abdominals.
However there are better and safer ways to strengthen the abdominals.
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Practice yoga at home with a printable Home yoga flow showing this pose blended with other yoga poses. Home yoga practice with Boat pose.

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Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Flowing
Some easy yoga postures to transition from and to are below. Remember Core abdominal strengthening is essential in yoga sequences. Always include
some kind of abdominal strengthening.
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Yoganidrasana  Supta Konasana  Baddha Konasana  Upavistha Konasana  Akarna Dhanurasana Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasana
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Yoga Teacher Tips
This posture is often taught on the tailbone with a straight spine.
Allowing weight to fall on the sacrum with a slight curl in the spine can increase the abdominal muscles use. Don’t be to hard on students and allow
slight modifications. Combine this postures with a number of other postures that tone the abdominal wall.
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boat pose navasana
Printable Yogacard

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