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Yoga Pose Cards

Yoga Pose Cards  Print out and use for sequence design or for training purposes. 

Yoga posture - Savasana

Translation: Corpse Pose

This yoga posture is usually performed at the end of practice. It balances the body in many ways.

Lie down on the mat with the hands down and a little out from the hips. Have the palms facing up.

Relax breathing and make it easy and silent. Rest after the exhalations to calm the heart.


This pose has mental, physical, physiological and spiritual benefits. The mind becomes rested. The breath becomes balanced and the body rejuvenated. A practice without this posture will eventually lead to illness. After a hard practice the body needs to return to a state of balance.

Hidden tension can be removed by shaking the body then relaxing. Repeat this if needed.

Yoga Teacher Tips
It is important to develop proper relaxation instructions and deliver it in a way that is easy for the students to embrace. Monitor their response and seek areas of improvement continually. This way there can only be progress.

"Have confidence in the power of what you say. Students will listen so develop the clarity and tone so that it is peaceful, calming and deepens their experience. These areas can always be improved in our teaching skills."

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