Vinyasa Methods Of Sequencing

Choose form one of our many free tutorials below. Each describes a different method of Yoga sequencing. If you can understand these methods then you can begin to structure your Yoga sequences logically, sensibly and with a mix of all the methods. You will find an endless amount of ways to do your Yoga poses.

Tutorial - Basic Order Sequencing available
Doing a pose then doing the same pose the opposite way.

Tutorial - Same Order Sequencing
Doing a number of poses on one side and the doing the same poses in the same order the opposite way. Also see our advanced version based on similar poses.

Tutorial - Reverse Order Sequencing

Doing a number of poses on one side and then doing the poses in reverse order the opposite way.

Tutorial - Mixed Order Sequencing available
Mixing up the orders of your sequences for specific reasons.

Advanced Same Order Sequencing
with an extra arm balance.

Headstand challenge
Advanced headstand cycle using same order sequencing.

Basic Order - Same Order - Reverse Order - Mixed Order - Same Order Advanced



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