Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations – Maui Series 1

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Basic Cobra Flow
A basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.

Total Duration: 02:30

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Quadriceps Flow
This flow shows an interesting stretch of the quadriceps during the flow.

Total Duration: 01:38

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Quadriceps Flow 2
Shows a progression of the previous flow with Bow pose blended in.

Total Duration: 01:38

vinyasa yoga video
Half Locust Flow
See versions of the locust pose blended in a Sun Salutation.

Total Duration: 01:12

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Bound Arm Flow
Sun Salutation with many standing poses, Crescent Moon and 2 Bound arm poses.
Total Duration: 02:45

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Bound Arm Flow 2
Variations of the bound angle flow. Standing poses are sequenced on the step back.
Total Duration: 02:16

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Arm Balance Flow
Shows how arm balance poses flow with many standing poses and hamstring stretches.
Total Duration: 02:57

vinyasa yoga video
Arm Balance Flow 2
Another variation of the arm balance flow. Different standing poses on
the way down.
Total Duration: 02:53

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Triangle Circles
Opens up the side of the body as well as the shoulders.

Total Duration: 04:09
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Headstand Circles
This Sun Salutation involves Headstand variations.

Total Duration: 01:46

Simple Scorpion Flow
Shows a variation of the Scorpion pose blended into a sun salutation.
Total Duration: 01:37

Humble Crescent Moon
This Sun Salutation has an interesting spinal twist with the step back.

Total Duration: 02:57

Pigeon to Tree
Creates flexibility in the hips and also strengthens them while moving smoothly through a salutation.
Total Duration: 02:50

Rising Hands Of Faith
This Sun Salutation is dedicated to the moments of deep faith in our life. Both seem to rise and fall throughout our lives.

Total Duration: 02:55

Twisted Half Moon

This Salute to the Sun involves 2 side stretches and 2 spinal twists. The first side stretch is Triangle pose.
Total Duration: 03:58

Flowing Warrior 1
Warrior 1 flow
that strengthens the quadriceps with repetitions into and out of
the pose.
Total Duration: 03:38