Paschimottasana 3

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Yoga Postures Tadasana Downward Dog Cobra pose Headstand Shoulderstand Warrior 1 pose Warrior 2 pose Triangle pose Half Moon pose Child pose Cat Pose

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Supta Paschimottasana

Translation: Lying Down Westward Pose
Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasanawhite space

While lying flat on the back take the knees to the chest. Straighten them up and back holding behind the knees if you are not very flexible. Roll slightly back so that the upper part of the shoulder blades touches the mat. Feel free to rock a little as long as it feels safe.

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Push through the heels, toes and ballpoints of the toes. Stretching through the heels will result in a much deeper stretch along the legs and back but extending through the toes stretches tibia muscles and the ankles. The legs also come down a little more creating more of an angle at the hips.

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If breathing is hard try bending the knees or just simply opening the legs. Both of these things will provide more room for diaphragm movement.

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Relax around the neck so that the elements flow well. It is easy to restrict movement of water and air along with vital energy known as prana.
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This is a great hamstring and lower back stretch but it is also an ideal way to balance the positioning of the bones in the spine around the shoulders. While in it rock slightly and you will feel and hear the vertebrae move into proper alignment. This pose is part of a Yoga for Back Pain sequence.

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Yoga Teacher Tips
This is a great posture to perform before and after postures such as Sarvangasana and plough and all the variations or Yoganidrasana for a deeper back stretch.
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Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Flowing
Vinyasa Yoga postures to transition from and to:
Paschimottasana yoga position asana Yoga Posture shoulderstand Navasana boat pose cobra pose Bhujangasana cobra pose Bhujangasana handstand scorpion Yoga Posture supta konasana Parsva Sarvangasana fish pose matsyasana cobra pose Bhujangasana sarvangasana frog pose Ardha Parsva Sarvangasana Baddha Konasana Bound Angle Pose Yoga Posture Upavistha konasana

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This variation of the seated forward bend Paschimottasana is both challenging and fun. It may be best to enter it from the boat pose Navasana.

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