Twisted Cobra Pose

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Tadasana Downward Dog Cobra pose Headstand Shoulderstand Warrior 1 pose Warrior 2 pose Triangle pose Half Moon pose child pose Cat Pose
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Parivrtta Bhujangasana

Translation: Revolved Cobra revolved cobra yoga pose bhujangasana

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From a prone position place the hands down under the shoulders, or away from your body a little depending on your spines flexibility. Extend the arms and raise the upper body.

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Push the legs together if you wish to engage the lower back and gluteuls. Or the legs can be open so that less pressure is forced upwards on the discs.

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Center one hand in front of you and hook the other on the inside of the legs to help the rotation.

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This pose increases the flexibility of the spine. It can also strengthen the spine. Muscles involved with rotating the spine are stretched on one side and strengthened on the other. The internal and external oblique muscles help the body to rotate.

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Healing effects
When done mildly the cobra pose can help relieve and even heal bulging discs in the lower back. However raising too high will aggravate the issue. So when performing this pose for healing remember raise into mild discomfort and no further.

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Tips The rotation causes a slight lift in the pelvis on one side. In the pictures opposite the left arm is placed on the matt in front of the body and the rotation of the upper body is to the right. In this case the right hip raises. To prevent this rotate the pelvis down to the mat.

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Vinyasa Yoga postures to transition from and to:

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The spine is twisted and bent in this posture. It make it a little dangerous so enter with care when the spine has been warmed up. Another posture that has a similar effect on the body is the Warrior 1 pose.
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