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Yoga Positions – Ardha Padma Anantasana
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Translation: A name of Vishnu and the serpent Vishnu slept on.
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This posture can be entered easily from Reclined Lotus and Reclined Half Lotus. These postures are performed by lying on the back (prone) with the legs crossed.
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Tilt on your side grab one leg and raise it up. Hold the big toe or the foot. Allow the elbow to touch the mat and support the head with the hand.
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Try to keep the shoulders arms and chest in horizontal alignment.
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Position the hand in a way that best supports the neck without straining the wrist.
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Lengthen through the top of the head while rotating the neck and looking up. Do not over rotate the head if the neck is injured and feels discomfort.

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Allow the knee to come slightly in on the bent leg for stability.
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This pose increases hamstring, hip and leg adductor flexibility.
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Allow the bent leg to straighten on the mat. This posture is Anantasana and the one shown is a variation.

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