Ustrasana Camel Pose 2

Yoga posture – Parivrtta Ustrasana

Translation: Revolved Camel Pose Parivrtta Ustrasana camel pose twist
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Start from a seated position with the bend knees under you
(Virasana). Take the hands behind you and place them on the soles of the feet. (For a variation that is easier on the lower back take the toes forward and come onto the ballpoints of the toes. Then you can place the hands on the heels.)
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The pelvis is raised and moved forward keeping the tailbone tucked forward. The arms are placed behind you with the hands on the feet. Make sure the grip is good if not hold the heels. (This can happen if it is hot and sweat present reducing friction.)
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Pull the navel both up and back to reduce the strain on the discs in the lower back. Make sure the lower back have been warmed up before performing this pose deeply.
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Raise one arm up while keeping the other arm down. This will cause the body to twist. Align the shoulders vertically.
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Gaze up or down.

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Place something under the knees like a blanket or towel. This will reduce strain on the knees caused by the weight of the body. Try placing the support under the knees on top of the tibia bone. This can reduce the pressure on the knees completely. These techniques may be necessary if the knees are sensitive or don’t feel healthy with weight on them.
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For an easy variation take you hand to the mat instead of on the foot and allow the pelvis to come down a little. This will increase the bend in the knees a little. Placing it on the inside of the leg will increase the twist and placing it on the outside of the foot will reduce the twist.


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Vinyasa Yoga postures to transition from and to:
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Ustrasana Virasana Balasana Parivrtta Parighasana Supta Virasana Ardha Bhujangasana Matsyasana Salamba Kapotasana Adho Muka Kapotasana
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Yoga Teacher Tips
These types of twists can be done mildly for safety. Reducing the curvature of the spine not only reduces the chance of back aggravation or injury but also increases some of the therapeutic and rehabilitative values of performing this pose. The deep versions are quite hard.

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