Alternative Medicine - Yoga

Let us remind you to always seek advice from a number of health care professionals qualified to diagnose and treat your ailment before starting or changing any program. We wish you well on your healing journey and hope the information on these pages will help you get back into good health.

Yoga For Back Pain and Problems

Back Pain healing techniques through Yoga sequences. See 3 different videos to help your back return to health.

Anxiety Disorders
Relieve anxiety by performing a regular sequence.


Knee Injuries
Find some good exercises to do for knee pain and knee injuries.


Help relieve constipation by performing a regular sequence.

Hiatal Hernia
Find out more and help relieve a Hiatal Hernia condition by performing a regular sequence.

Adrenal problems
We have created a sequence that moves blood to the pituitary and causes lots of movement around the adrenal glands.

Help relieve Hepatitis by performing a regular sequence. Click and go through a number of different yoga poses with Onlineyogi.

Yoga for Your Thyroid
Relieve and reduce the symptoms with a wonderful sequence that stimulates good blood flow to the area.

Shoulder Pain & Injuries
Learn about shoulder pain common causes of injuries and yoga modifications you may want to make.




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