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Use a good yoga mat it will protect you knees and help you practice comfortably

Some yoga equipment will help your practice. Some yoga mats have hurt my knees when practicing while others that are bio-degradable have bio-degraded on me in the first few weeks of practice. The Manduka mat is very expensive but is worth it. Average yoga mats are about 1/8 inch thick and some which are thick seem do provide less padding than a thinner yoga mat by a different manufacturer.

I bought a couple of the Mandakni Ultra Yoga Mats after so many people I knew insited on keeping my extra Manduka mats (shown below). I had 5 now I have 1...ahhh but shows you how good they are too...

My Personal favorite!

thick yoga mat for protection

light yoga mat

thick good yoga mat

tapas yoga mat

thick yoga mats

liht yiga mat

thick yoga mat

The Black Mat
Weight 3 to 3.5 kg (7-8) by Manduka
Ranked the best for overall performance and comfort. This mat is really good for practicing on. it is form for balance and also extremely padded.
Imprinted with special grip patterns for better balance.

Not only that they have a Lifetime Guarantee. I have worn down a lot of yoga mats in my time.

They are really heavy so recently when I traveled I had to leave mine at home.

PROlite Yoga Mat
4.0 lbs

  • or 1.8 kg by Manduka

    For those of you who enjoyed the special grip of the larger manduka mats and want less weight Manduka make a lighter version which is almost identical. In fact most reports were that the PROlite was just the same.

    I'd get 2 one thick for near and one thin for far away journeys.


    High Performance Mandara

    by Hugger Mugger
    1/4 Inch Thick and only 6.5 Pounds

    Another one of the great thick yoga mats available. This one is Hugger Muggers best yoga mats.


    Tapas Ultra Nature Collection Yoga Mat 1/4

    by Hugger Mugger Weight 3.2 pounds


    A much lighter version from Hugegr Mugger. This yoga mat got great reviews from hundreds of users.

    Eko Tex yoga mats are manufactured in Germany

  • Weight 4.500 kg by eko tex

    Ekotex mats do not contain harmful substances. All components of our mats are approved by the German government for use in food wrapping materials ensuring the highest standards of safety. They have submitted there mats through vigirous testing processes for harmful substances and all have passed.

    Extra Thick for practicioners with joint problems

    Thickness 6mm 

    PS LITE Professional Yoga Mat

  • Weight: 2.200 kg
  • by Planet Sadhana

    Great for taking with you on those long journeys.

    PS66 Professional Yoga Mat Weight: 3.700 kg by Planet Sadhana

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