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Actual picture of levitation. 100 percent real.

It is said that Yoga practitioners can levitate with continued practice on meditation and union.

See many advanced poses yoga pictures.

Picture of saddhus the an ascetic holy men of India.

yoga pictures

Seated meditation can be challenging if you are not flexible. Some gentle yoga postures can really help. Especially when practiced over a long period of time.


Not to sure what this Yogi was smoking. When asked he simply replied, "it was handed to me by Shiva".




Shows sacred Indian man with a holy stick. It looks like peacock feathers at the end.



Second picture of sacred Indian man in seated meditation in front of temple.



Shows picture of sadhaka sitting on the frame of a window in an ancient temple.



Second picture of sadhake with a close up of a very decorated staff.



Third picture of the Indian Sadhaka show eyes of such compassion.




An out of shape unshaven monk that was banished from the temple. He looks pretty chilled out.


Indian gypsies are some of the most colorful and fashionable people on the earth. I think this is where fashion was invented.

Indian Gypsies usually have olive skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. Balkan Gypsies sometimes have lighter skin and even blond hair and blue eyes.

The largest group of Gypsies in India are the Lambadi.

Gypsies are well known for their ability to dance and have many traditional dances expressing real life experiences and history.

Gypsies are also known for the ability to adapt to societies changes.

In the past, gypsies were not allowed to own land so they rarely settled down anywhere for a large length of time.

They became well known for things such as  fortune-telling and other various forms of entertainmentent. Sadley they are also known as beggars and thieves.


The doorway to the Taj Mahal. This impressive picture was taken from inside one of the archways leading into the Taj Mahal square. 

The Mughal emperor ordered it built in 1626 after the death of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. The actual building was completed around 1635 but the gardens, gateway structures (shown above), and mosque were completed in 1643.

The Taj Mahal was designed by Ustad Ahmad Lahori a talented Muslim architect.

Depiction of Lord Buddha. This photo was taken in one of the sacred temples.