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Vinyasa Koundinyasana Salutation

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Vinyasa Yoga Instructions

Start in Tadasana the mountain pose. Place the feet together and the big toes together. Have the heels, tailbone and the top of the head vertically in line. Exhale place the hand together.

Inhale and move the arms up and back. Raise the navel up and move the tailbone forward. This reduces pressure on the discs.

Exhale into Utanasana the standing forward bend. Take the forehead to the legs.

Inhale and extend the spine. Take a deep Ujjayi breaths.

Exhale and re-enter a forward bend.

Inhale walk or jump back to Chaturangasana and raise up to Cobra. It may take you a little time to learn to do this with a deep natural breath.

Exhale back to Downward Dog.

Inhale take the left foot to the outside of the left arm. The toes are in line with the fingers. The foot can be slightly turned out. Take a big inhalation as you do this.

Exhale into Koundinyasana. This is a large exhalation because you have to come all the way back to Chaturangasana the eight limbs pose.

Inhale up to Cobra or upward facing dog.

Exhale back to Downward Facing Dog.

Deep inhalation into the lunge pose with the right leg to he outside of the right arm, It is quite easy to get a deep breath because the torso and chest have more room.

Exhale back to Chaturangasana

Then deep inhalation into Cobra.

Exhale back to Downward Facing Dog.

Inhale walk or jump forward expanding the chest.

Exhale forward. Inhale all the way Up. (Tip: Don’t inhale to fast in the beginning. Wait until the upper body rises a little before drawing the air in. Otherwise strain will be felt around the heart.

Exhale palms together.

Vinyasa Yoga Tips for injuries.

(Tip: If you have a low back injury do not swing back very far when the chest and arms open at the beginning and the end of the Salutation. This will reduce your chance of re-injury or aggravation. Also enter a mild cobra.

Vinyasa Yoga – The Sundance of Koundinyasana – Advanced sequence.

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