Vinyasa Card No 7

Akarna Dhanurasana Flow
This Flow starts in Half Lotus pose. The left foot is placed over the right thigh. The hands are placed down behind the
back on the mat. The palms can be flat on the mat or you can place the ball points of the fingers down. The hands should be angled so that the shoulders open and don’t feel compressed.

Exhale down to a forward bend remaining in Half Lotus with the legs.
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It may be a good idea to come down 2 times on your less flexible leg and once on the more flexible leg until they feel balanced. If you didn’t want to Flow you could just spend longer on the tighter leg.

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The toes can be pointed or pulled back. Some of these Vinyasa Yoga postures show a combination of both.

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chair pose utkatasanaArdha Padmasana

Shooting Bow PoseAkarna Dhanurasana

Paschimottasana Paschimottasana