Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutations Series 2


yoga video
Triangle Reflection
Involves a transition into Triangle pose at the beginning and end of the standing flow.

Total Duration: 03:28



yoga video
Reverse Triangle Crescent Moon Dip
This flow shows a nice entrance into Crescent Moon pose a deep lunge.

Total Duration: 03:46
No 44 


yoga video
Extended Side Angle Rotations
Shows a smooth flow from Extended Side Angle to Warrior 2 variation.

Total Duration: 04:36
No 45


yoga video
Simple Triangle to Crescent Moon 
A nice simple flow in and out of Triangle Pose with Crescent moon blended between.

Total Duration: 01:12
No 46


yoga video
Side Flow to High Lunge 
This is a lateral flow that moves into a high lunge pose.

Total Duration: 04:54
No 47


yoga video
Crescent Moon Bows
This flow shows hamstring stretches blended with Crescent Moon Pose

Total Duration: 03:42
No 48


Lateral to forward Bend Flow
In and out of a lateral side flow into a forward bend flow.

Total Duration: 04:35
No 49


yoga video
Lateral to forward bend Flow II 
Show variations of a the previous lateral to forward bend flow.

Total Duration: 03:42
No 50


Triangle Salutation 
This Triangle Flow shows a Sun Salutation variation with Triangle pose blended in.

Total Duration: 02:41
No 51


The Leaning Warrior 1
This has warrior 3 prep pose (Warrior 1 leaning forward)

Total Duration: 02:58
No 51


Warrior 1 Salutation
Shows a Sun Salutation with Warrior 1 pose blended in.

Total Duration: 02:35
No 52


Warrior 2 Bows 
A simple Warrior 2 pose blended into a Sun Salutation with some forward bends.

Total Duration: 02:59


Extended Side Angle Salutation 
Shows a Sun Salutation with extended Side angle blended in.

Total Duration: 02:23
No 54


yoga video
Reverse Hop To Moon
A quick transition from Reverse Triangle to Half Moon.

Total Duration: 02:35
No 55


4 Pose Triangle Flow
Many of the traditional standing poses blended together.

Total Duration: 02:17
No 56


yoga video
Headstand Salutation1
A simple headstand Sun Salutation flowing into and out of headstand.

Total Duration: 02:23
No 57


Reverse Triangle 3 Pose Blend

One of the favorite flows this flow blends well after warming up.

Total Duration: 03:38
No 58


Reverse Triangle 3 Pose Blend II
Shows how the previous sequence can have other poses blended in.

Total Duration: 03:29
No 59


Pigeon Winged Bow
A very artistic blend of Pigeon Pose shown with the arms open wide apart.

Total Duration: 01:10
No 60


yoga video
Feathered Peacock to Camel
Shows an advanced flow with Feathered Peacock variation.

Total Duration: 03:44
No 61


Binded Hands
Many variations of poses shown with the hands bound.

Total Duration: 06:53
No 62


Old Extended Side Angle

A variation of Extended Side Angle once performed by Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.

Total Duration: 03:02
No 63


yoga video
Headstand Flow

Shows ways to move the legs while in the headstand.

Total Duration: 02:30
No 64



Triangle Warrior 2
Moves through both of these lateral poses in a Sun Salutation.

Total Duration: 00:38
No 65



yoga video
Side Triangle
A version of Triangle where the side is stretched blended with many other poses.

Total Duration: 02:47
No 66



Lateral To Warrior 1
Shows a lateral standing blend flow into Warrior 1.

Total Duration: 03:10
No 67



Wave Flow
Shows wave like motions while stretching the hamstrings.

Total Duration: 01:36
No 68



Blended Back
Shows artistic ways to blend Janu Sirsasana variations into a salutation.

Total Duration: 02:32
No 69



Side Angle to Warrior 1
Simple Extended Side Angle to Warrior 1 with Reverse Triangle blended between.

Total Duration: 01:37
No 70



yoga video
Crooked 8 limb Sage
Shows a flow with many very old traditional poses not often performed.

Total Duration: 04:02
No 71



yoga video
Lateral Waves
Lateral standing poses are blended in and out in wave like motions.

Total Duration: 04:02
No 72



yoga video
Pigeon Rising
Shows a flow that both strengthens and creates flexibility in the hips.

Total Duration: 04:02
No 73