Sun Salutation Warrior Flow

This flow shows the traditional Warrior sequence done in a flow.
The sequence shows a complete flow. Each movement is done on an inhalation or an exhalation. Feel free to slow the sequence down and hold postures.


The first posture is Tadasana.

This posture can be done many different ways if the position of the hands and arms change.

This variation is done as a sign of strength and faith. In Sanskrit faith is called Sradha. This would be Sradha Hasta Tadasana.


Exhale all the air leaving only a little in the lungs.


Inhale stretch the arms up and tilt lightly forward with the pelvis.

If your back is healthy and it feels good tilt more than shown but it is not necessary and sometimes it can hurt the discs. If the abdominals are engaged the tilt will be lessened and the discs have more protection. For this reason engage the lower abdominal muscles.

Exhale down into a forward bend. Enter a mild boundary when bending down. Bad Karma will occur
if a boundary is entered that is too deep. Save the oxygen and use just a little force. This will ensure smooth movement for the next pose.

Inhale step the left leg back.

The step back is a little tricky. Not so much because of the flexibility needed but more so because of the breath. Inhaling is hard with the step back and even harder with the step forward. Try inhaling just a little at the start of the motion then inhaling more fully when the leg passes the halfway point.

Exhale back to Downward Dog.


Inhale forward to Plank pose.


Exhale down to Eight Limb Pose. (If the arms, wrists or shoulders are weak or injured modify this pose. Try lowering less and then transitioning to Cobra.)


Inhale up to Upward Facing Cobra. (Enter a
mild boundary at first. Then progressively open the spine. This is a harmonious and gentle way to approach spine flexibility.)


Exhale back to Downward Dog.



Inhale step the left leg forward. This step forward is tricky. As explained earlier this is quite hard to do with a smooth large breath. A good tip is to wait till the leg is forward quite far before breathing in deeply.

Exhale straighten the left leg. This will provide a good hamstring stretch and can be a great way to have some breath recovery. Thus making the transition into Warrior one smooth.


Flow one time and then enter Warrior 1 with an inhalation.





Exhale to Warrior 2.





Inhale place both
hands together above the head.





Exhale into Warrior 3.

If this is too hard try placing both hands down in front for support.




Inhale take the leg down and stretch the arms up.







Exhale back to standing.