Vinyasa Card No 6

Chair Vinyasa Yoga flow
This sequence strengthens the quadriceps muscles and increases flexibility in the hamstrings. Begin this sequence in Chair pose. The legs can be together of perhaps better when hip width apart.

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Flow forward on an exhalation into the standing forward bend.

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Raise back up into Chair pose (Utkatasana actually translates as Awkward Pose).

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Begin by taking 2 breaths on the way down and 2 on the way up. One for the transition and one for the pose.

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inhale up. This is a little harder and its easy to run out of breath. Take extra breaths if you feel a lack of oxygen.

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To to the quadriceps muscles in different places and condition them more thoroughly try entering Chair at slightly different angles slowly deepening as the knees and lower back warm up.

The lower back may fatigue before the quadriceps so perhaps you want to take breaks in the forward bend for a while before beginning the sequence Flow again.
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