Yoga Teacher Training

1 # Always arrive to class at least 15 minutes early
Being on time is late, and not only should you have time to prepare your music and feel relaxed and comfortable, and ideally greet you students by first name. As well, at some studios, you may need to check the classes in yourself, you want the studio to be clean and warm and organized when students walk in to experience a yoga class.

This may seem obvious to most, but so many teachers struggle with timing, it is very important. And in most cities, there is always traffic, so plan accordingly, for your students. Always keeping in mind what an honor it is to serve in this way. You want to feel calm and relaxed, ready to serve, to teach the sacred art of Yoga. It is not ideal that a classroom of students that came to take your class are waiting and you have to (maybe even open the studio up-not good they have been waiting outside),or they are sitting in the room waiting for you and are well plugging in your music and starting a moving meditation session in anything but a calm and relaxed state, which is not possible if your rushing.

There’s no hiding how much you have anxiety filled in your blood from a nervous drive. The chemicals are still circulating in your blood. The energy, as we know will be felt by the students, as well, your ability to teach an excellent yoga class will be much less likely.

So give yourself some extra time to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Starting and ending your classes exactly on time is also extremely important. Studios have shown that what upsets people more than anything regarding appointments, or classes or meetings, that starting late or ending late makes me very upset. And rightfully so, this is wasting there time and money, basically “stealing” it from them (Asteya). Consciously and subconsciously your students will lose trust and respect for you.

Yoga Teacher Tips 2