Vinyasa Card No 10

Akarna Dhanurasana Flow
It is thought that yoga as we know it today stemmed from old yoga practitioners sitting for long periods of time meditating and trying to remove rising thought and break down a feeling of separation.

In sitting for long periods of time joints got sore and stiff. Blood circulation was not great and an overall need by the body to be moved and stretched encouraged yoga practitioners to begin yoga asana.

Thus many of us believe all yoga poses were rooted or born from seated meditation.

Here is one of the many yoga sequences that can be done before, during if you are being distracted, or after a seated yoga meditation session.

The pose that stretches the groin may seem hard at first but your body will like it over time. You can put come padding under your knees if they hurt.
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chair pose utkatasana

Shooting Bow Pose
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