Vinyasa Card No 19

Plough Vinyasa Yoga Flow

This Vinyasa Yoga flow opens the neck and hamstrings. The opposing effect of gravity on the blood Vinyasa Yoga flow allows blood to soak into the thyroid.
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It begins in a reclined version of a popular seated forward bend. In this version it is often nice to roll on the spine a number of times before resting on the upper back around the shoulders.

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Roll further back onto the tops of the shoulders. Keep some space around the neck, notice the chin is not touching the chest. This way there is less pressure and it is easier to breathe.

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Bend the knees beside the ears as you roll down.  Cross one foot over the other and pull them back over the top of the head. Hold taking quick short breaths.

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Roll back and open the legs in the splits. If possible grab the toes. This posture is often welcomed after a posture that is so suppressing to the internal organs.

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On the way out bend the knees in and then open them when you are back to a somewhat seated position. Lean forward and down holding the feet or toes.
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