Back Exercises

It is important for any person who has chronic back pain to have an exercise program guided by specialists in back exercises. Through these pages we help you to guide yourself though different back exercises to heal your back pain.Try different back exercises and use the useful hints and tips.

You can relieve back pain and even heal back pain with some simple yoga back exercises. Sometimes all you need to do is stretch back muscles (properly) with a handful you yoga poses. Sometimes you can be too hard on your spine when you stretch it so be careful. Stretch slowly and enter poses slowly. If you are not careful you can aggravate the condition.

Choose back exercises that strengthen the abdomen and improve lower back mobility without aggravating your back problem. Back exercises that strengthen your back and increase endurance are effective for healing back pain. Enhance flexibility in the hips and the hamstring muscles with back exercises to reduce pain.

Soft gentle spinal twists can balance the spine and really aid in relieving back pain. Hold on your tighter side for longer.

Be playful with different yoga back pain exercises and feel your spine. It is feels good it usually is. Your body tells you when something does not feel right.

back pain exercises

Cobra pose is a healing yoga posture for the low back but this posture may have a negative affect if done incorrectly or too deep.

Light repetition is the key to increasing flexibility. Repeat the sequence below a number of times to stretch the spine.

cat pose flowBalasana child posecobra pose BhujangasanaLying Spinal TwistsYoga Posture Samabhasanacobra pose BhujangasanaHalf Revolved Belly PoseLying Spinal Twistshandstand adho Mukha Vriksasanacobra pose BhujangasanaBalasana child pose

Superficial Muscles of the Back

Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi, Rhomboid major, Rhomboid minor, Levator scapulae

Intermediate Muscles of the Back

Serratus posterior superior, Serratus posterior inferior

Deep Back Muscles

Erector spinae, Liocostalis, Longissimus, Spinalis, Splenius, Capitis, Cervicis, Suboccipital, Rectus capitis posterior major, Rectus capitis posterior minor, Superior oblique, Inferior oblique

Small Deep Muscles

Interspinous, Intertransverse, Levator costalis, Rotators

The following short courses of back pain exercises can be repeated for good back health. Be sure to read the tips so that you do good rather than harm.

Click on the images to learn more about them.

Standing sequence

Yoga Posture trikonasanaanjaneyasana-lunge-posefish pose matsyasanachair pose utkatasana

This sequence is a standing sequence. The poses shown are a little deep and intended for a healthy spine so modifications will be given.

Standing poses can really help to stabilize back muscles and leg muscles. They balance spinal muscles.
You can do each pose on each side or do them on one side and then the other. Experiment to see what your spine likes.

Back Pain Exercises  Flow 1

The first pose is Triangle pose.Yoga Posture trikonasana
Step the legs apart and make an angle similar to the one shown.
Place the hand on the leg when the hamstrings resist. On the picture it shows the hand all the way down. You must find a spot on the leg that gently reflects your muscles flexibility. It one side is less flexible than the other hold the stretch for longer.
Hold for up to 3 minutes. (This pose can push a bulge on a disc back inward and prevent it from pressing on a nerve.)

This stretch can also help balance the hamstring muscles which often cause severe muscle imbalance if one is tighter than the other.


This pose is a lunge. It is shown deep so do it 3/4 of what is shown. It is another pose that stretched.


When held this pose balances deep back muscles. Only hold as long as you feel comfortable.
Bend and straighten the leg for some relief.



This pose helps to strengthen the spine and also encourages a lift around the navel helping to relieve the lower back from pressure. It is an enjoyable pose that can be done on the ball points of the toes or with both feet flat on the mat.


chair pose utkatasana

Chair pose is done to bring balance to the quadriceps muscles. It also encourages better posture when lifting things. Do it for up to 1 or 2 minutes.

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