What is Yoga?
One of the most accurate descriptions of yoga is:
“The Union of body, mind and soul with the awareness of a greater body.”
“Yoga is the ancient art of breaking down the perception of separation and removing suffering.”

What Does Yoga Mean?

The word “yoga” is related to that of the English word “yoke.”
It can mean blending together or to join or together.

Yoga Resources
“Ha” meaning sun and “tha” means moon. The word Hatha refers to a balance between Sun and moon energy lines within the body. A sage of 15th century India called Swatmarama introduced wrote a book of instructions on yoga designed to purify the body and prepare it for meditation. The book was called the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Yoga today is seen as a combination of conscious right living, yoga exercises using yoga poses, yoga breathing, and meditation.

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