Vinyasa Card No 5

Side Stretch Flow with a Twist
This sequence opens up the muscles on the side of the body and is mostly lateral stretches. The spinal twist has been added to open the body a little differently.

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The Flow begins in a Warrior 2 Variation that stretches the left side of the body. Don’t over stretch it can be quite uncomfortable on the side being crushed and blocks energy and blood Flow. Stretch the left arm up enough so that the left side is stretched lightly and collapse only lightly engaging mild core muscles to protect the lower back.

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You can inhale into the Warrior 2 variation and then exhale into extended side angle. You can also stay in the Warrior 2 variation and inhale as you transition out and exhale as you transition into extended side angle. This time the right side is stretched.

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Exhale and bring the right arm down while turning the back leg inward so that you are on the ball points of the toes and the knee faces down. When the arm touches down twist the upper body and bring the left arm up.

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Unwind and take the left arm out into Half Moon pose. Keep the left knee bent if your hamstring are not flexible.

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warrior poseUrdhva Virabhadrasana2

Yoga Posture Warrior 2Virabhadrasana3

Parsvottanasana asanaParivrtta ParsvaKonasana

yoga position half moonArdha Chandrasana