Tadasana how it helps back pain

Problems are caused or aggravated by improper posture!

Bad posture causes unnecessary strain on certain muscles in the back and neck.

Correct posture and careful movement when carrying or picking up heavy objects prevents most of back problems.

The muscles can sometimes get sore or the strain can cause various problems in the many joints along the spine. Face it! your posture is probably not that good right now a s you read this.

You may be slightly turned and your neck and upper back are hunched forward. Straighten your spine!

Here is a wonderful tip in yoga to prevent back pain or reduce it. Just remember to do it as much as possible:

Place your finger on the top of your head. Now push up through the finger with the whole spine. Do this as much as possible as good posture needs continual awareness.

yoga pose - tadasana

Printable image of Tadasana

Reduce back pain with Yoga

All of these lines must remain long and even on both sides. Look how many areas require attention. Always make both sides the same length and try to become more aware in these areas and this is how you help prevent back pain with yoga. It is an awareness and it must be practiced. In yoga we practice this awareness in Tadasana and it’s fundamentals are practiced in every other yoga pose.

Hey! is that back and neck slouching already. Remember remember remember keep good alignment in the spine in everything you do and remember the finger technique.

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