Vinyasa Card No 9

Hanumanasana Leg Vinyasa

This is an old sequence that is performed sometimes before meditation or if, when meditating, the body aches the
practice can sometime be interrupted and some poses can be performed
then one returns back into meditation.

Begin in Upward Facing Half Lotus. It is easier to Flow back with the leg that is on top. So if the left leg crosses over
the top of the right it is easy to lean slightly to the right and simply swing the left leg back.
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Be careful on that bent knee in Pigeon. Transition carefully especially during the last phase.
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Bend the left knee and grab the top of the toes. Push the foot down and forward. The right arm may be taken forward but for an easier pose place it down so that it supports the right knee. Let the left leg open back and straighten. Then lean towards the right hip. Straighten the right leg forward if possible. Don’t force too much. If its too hard to enter work to open your hamstrings more. They may need to be simply warmed up more or stretched out for another couple of years.

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Turn Inward and bow down bringing the chest of the head to the mat. Grab the toes to stretch the shoulders out.
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Perform this sequence in the same order on the opposite side. This sequence can also be performed in a reverse order.

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