Arm Balance Yoga Positions

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 This yoga positions page is dedicated to arm balance yoga positions.

Click on any of the images below for detail on how to perform these advanced yoga positions.


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When you learn the fundamentals of the arm balance yoga positions you will be able to do the sequence below.

Yoga positions are ancient forms and shapes done with the body. The ancient name for yoga positions is “asana” which is a Sanskrit term.They are forms that the body takes as a sacred way of prayer but are often done for strength, flexibility and overall bodily health.

Strengthen the arms so that you gain the upper body strength you need by repeating the yoga sequence below. Poses include Downward Dog, Plank pose

yoga position

Arm balances are an important part of yoga sequences. You can easily integrate these yoga positions into your practice. So we will begin by showing you the basics and some useful tricks that will help you get into these challenging yoga positions.

An area that needs to be strengthened is the arms and certain areas of the body need to be flexible. Below you can see a simple exercise that will strengthen your arms. This can be done daily increasing the amount of times as the arms and body adapt.

In this sequence of yoga positions we inhale from Downward Dog to Plank. Then we exhale to Eight Limbs pose. Inhale back to the Plank position and exhale returning to Downward Dog. This is repeated as many times as possible.