Sun Salutation No 11

Sun Salutations – Maui Series 1

In 2008 Mark Giubarelli lived in Hawaii Maui where he used to practice vinyasa yoga sequences during the sunset. Over the course of three years Mark filmed many of these vinyasa yoga flows. There is over a hundred and eight vinyasa yoga  flows to explore.

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Basic Cobra Flow

A basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.
Total Duration: 02:30
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Quadriceps Flow
This flow shows an interesting stretch of the quadriceps during the flow.
Total Duration: 01:38
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Quadriceps Flow 2
Shows a progression of the previous flow with Bow pose blended in.
Total Duration: 01:38
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Half Locust Flow
See versions of the locust pose blended in a Sun Salutation.
Total Duration: 01:12

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Bound Arm Flow
Sun Salutation with many standing poses, Crescent Moon and 2 Bound arm poses.
Total Duration: 02:45
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Bound Arm Flow 2

Variations of the bound angle flow. Standing poses are sequenced on the step back.
Total Duration: 02:16
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Arm Balance Flow

Shows how arm balance poses flow with many standing poses and hamstring stretches.
Total Duration: 02:57
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Arm Balance Flow 2

Another variation of the arm balance flow. Different standing poses on the way down.
Total Duration: 02:53

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Triangle Circles
Opens up the side of the body as well as the shoulders.

Total Duration: 04:09

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Headstand Circles
This Sun Salutation involves Headstand variations.
Total Duration: 01:46

Simple Scorpion Flow
Shows a variation of the Scorpion pose blended into a sun salutation.
Total Duration: 01:30

Humble Crescent Moon
This Sun Salutation has an interesting spinal twist with the step back.
Total Duration: 02:57

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Pigeon to Tree
Creates flexibility in the hips and also strengthens them while moving smoothly through a salutation.
Total Duration: 02:50

Rising Hands Of Faith
This Sun Salutation is dedicated to the moments of deep faith in our life. Both seem to rise and fall throughout our lives.
Total Duration: 02:55


Twisted Half Moon
This Salute to the Sun involves 2 side stretches and 2 spinal twists. The first side stretch is Triangle pose.
Total Duration: 03:58

Flowing Warrior 1

Warrior 1 flow that strengthens the quadriceps with repetitions into and out of the pose.

Total Duration: 03:38

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Cobra to Downward Dog

Shows a flow in and out of Cobra Pose and Downward Dog pose.
Total Duration: 01:49

Twisted Hip Pigeon Bow
This Salute to the Sun involves 2 spinal twists after the step forward.
Total Duration: 04:17

Heart and Hip Opening Pigeon

This Sun Salute has many repetitions involving the hamstring and hips.

Total Duration: 03:35

Warrior 2 Side Triangle

This Sun Salutation has a blended flow of leg toners and leg stretches.
Total Duration: 03:44

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Open Leg Side
Shoulderstand Salute

A beautiful flow though hip openers, hamstring openers, backbends and shoulderstand variations.
Total Duration: 06:53

Half Lotus Headstand
to Scorpion

Shows a basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.
Total Duration: 03:02

Standing Side Flow

All the standing postures in this flow are sideways. This makes transitioning easy and smooth.

Total Duration: 02:30


Half Lotus Tree Vinyasa
Half Lotus Tree flow involves entering Tree Pose and blends into many Half Lotus poses.
Total Duration: 00:38

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Cobra Waves Flow
This Sun Salute enters Cobra 3 times in flowing wave like motions.
Total Duration: 02:47

Twisting Warrior
This Sun Salute weaves in and out of many of the Warrior 1 variations as well as into many spinal twists.
Total Duration: 03:10

7 Standing Pose Salute
This sequence flows after the step forward into Extended Side Angle, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and many other standing poses.
Total Duration: 01:36
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Twisted Side Winder

Sequence has hand and arm movements flowing from Extended Side Angle into Reverse Triangle.
Total Duration: 02:32

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Scorpion Sun Salute

This is a Sun Salute flow that flows through a deep backbend called Scorpion pose. It is a Sun Salute that is done after the back is warmed up and fully opened.
Total Duration: 01:37
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Echoes Of Warrior 2
Warrior 2 pose is repeated many times in this sequence. Frequent entries into Warrior 2 really strengthen the quadriceps muscles.
Total Duration: 04:02
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Triangle to Warrior 1
This Sun Salutation shows a repetitive flow from Triangle pose to Warrior 1 pose. The flow then blends into a low lunge before stepping forward.
Total Duration: 03:33
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Pendulum Hip Flow
The leg takes many large motions one way then the other which is why it is named Pendulum Hip Flow.
Total Duration: 02:00

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yoga videos for teachers
Open Pigeon Twisted
Standing Flow

This Sun Salutation really strengthens and stretches the hips. It moves in a very unusual way because there is no Cobra pose.
Total Duration: 03:03
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Pigeon Light

This Sun Salutation involves Pigeon pose and standing spinal twists to open the hips.
Total Duration: 02:30
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Falling Warrior
This sequence is called Falling Warrior because of the way the flow is brought to the knees.
Total Duration: 02:29
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Long Turn Sun Salute
Called the Long Turn Sun Salute because of the way it slowly progresses to the spinal twist Reverse Triangle.
Total Duration: 02:57

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yoga poses
Side and Front Flow

This Sun Salutation flows up and down in side poses such as Extended Side Angle and Warrior 2.
Total Duration: 02:44
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Koundinyasana Flow

An interesting arm balance called Koundinyasana is weaved into an interesting step forward.
Total Duration: 01:11
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Flying Warrior 3
The version of Warrior 3 has the arms out stretched out causing a feeling of flying.
Total Duration: 02:14

Bound Arm Flow

Shows 3 standing poses blended together with the arms bound together.

Total Duration: 02:16

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Free Hand Straight Leg

This Sun Salutation shows a repetitive flow from a lunge pose to a straight leg pose.
Total Duration: 03:40
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Splintered Twists

This Sun Salutation has many spinal twists breaking or splintering from it.

Total Duration: 02:31