Akarna Dhanurasana Bow



Akarna Dhanurasana

Yoga posture – Akarna Dhanurasana

akarna dhanurasana bow poseTranslation: Bow To The Ear

This pose is meant to mimic the shooting of a bow. Yoga practitioners attempt to identify patterns and perceptions that interfere with progression to an awareness of oneness. In old times these distractions were expressed as various demons and spirits or entities. This posture is performed as an expression of identifying these distractions and removing them.

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From a seated position straighten one leg forward. Grab the toe or the foot. Bring the foot to the ear and bend the elbow back.
Stretch the other arm forward and hold the big toe on the straightened leg.

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It may be hard to bring the foot up with just one arm especially if the hip is inflexible and many muscles are acting against us. If this occurs use the other arm as well.
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Place the hand on the extended leg if your hamstrings are not very flexible and it is hard to grab the foot of big toe.

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There are few postures that stretch the big toes. It is important to have the big toes flexible. The usually turn inward and as a result vital energy currents do not run up the inner anterior leg. This affects almost every standing posture. Get the big toes flexible. There are many opportunities to grab them in other seated forward bends as well.

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Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Flowing

Vinyasa Yoga postures to transition from and to:

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Yoga Teacher Tips
This posture can be uncomfortable on the lower abdominal area and side torso. Always remind students to find comfort in areas that are uncomfortable and their minds will respond to the posture with more acceptance.

akarna dhanurasana

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