Yoga Teacher Tips 4

4 # Take control of the yoga mat organisation during your class especially if the class is packed
If a class is very small and people are spread out with large gaps everywhere the feeling of community can be much less. Bring people close enough together but far enough apart during a small class attendance, everyone likes a bit of space if the class is not huge, but having 4 or 5 mats scattered all across the room is not energetically conducive to a balanced experience for you or your students. Be confident and funny if possible, “we are all friends, let’s get closer”.

There is sometimes exceptions to this rule for instance when somebody insist on being way back at the corner due to shyness perhaps you’d like to oblige them rather than getting into a confrontation about why. And also respect their feelings and emotions, for many people their studio is their sanctuary and escape, and their practice is their time peace and freedom, so we respect that, and it is our job to do our best to support and fulfill their needs.

During bigger classes you may have to move people two or three times because people just keep coming in. Do your best to keep the class flowing and united, it is not fair to people that were on time or early to not get their full experience. I, personally, try to smile at the late comers so they don’t feel bad, they usually have this “so sorry” face, (and things always “happen”, and some people are just always late, we love them anyways), and take their mats as I am opening the class with minimal disruption, beginning the process of moving out of the mind and into the heart. Beginning the practice of Yoga.

Be quick and direct and apologize, but whisper, “can I move you over a few inches, sorry, thank you” if you have to move someone twice. Always take control politely and as a leader, and maintain your dominance of the room, for example don’t stop the whole class to deal with 3 peoples mats for 3 minutes, quick, direct and hardly noticeable to your other students.

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