Pigeon Flow Yoga Sequences

Yoga sequences are usually combinations of yoga postures in a flow. The yoga sequences are performed to maintain health, strength and flexibility. Sequences vary in length and effects. Look at the sequence below. It begins in the mountain pose which is a good starting point. It then flows to a forward bend which brings blood into the mind allowing the brain to remain healthy (If it is held) and also stretches the hamstrings and lower back. The next pose is also close to the last and it is called Downward Dog pose. It strengthens the arms and stretches the hamstrings and especially the calf muscles (muscles in the lower legs).

The yoga sequence then stretches the hips in a yoga pose called Pigeon Pose. It can be a little hard on the knees if you have a condition in them. So basically this small sequence stretches the legs and hips and also stretches the arms. Yoga sequences can be very long. They can be designed to really stretch or strengthen particular joints. Some sequences can stretch and strengthen all the joint and muscles in the body but they would take really long. Probably 2 or 3 hours. Let's take a look at another yoga sequence. This one is similar to the last but it flow into a pose called Janu Sirsasana after the Pigeon Pose. It then floe into Child pose as the stretche the knees and quadriecps muscles in a balanced way.
It may be a good idea to read yoga for knee injuries to learn some tips if you hae a knne condition

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This sequence continues to stretch the side of the body and strengthen the hip muscles by flowing through Extended Side Angle Pose. Notice how the yoga poses flow togther well. This is a good practice when performing yoga sequences. It is nice to do your yoga practice this way.
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written by Mark Giubarelli


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