Vinyasa Card No 25

Twisted Crescent Moon

The arms are up and palms are pushing together in the first Yoga Posture. (The fingers can be interlocked.)

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Straighten the right leg back and come onto the ball points of the toes or if you would like to stretch the ankle come onto the top of the foot.

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Straighten the left leg and point the right leg sideways taking the heel down to the mat.  The hand is shown to the outside of the foot but it can be placed on the inside of the left ankle and the left leg can even be a little bent. The Yoga Posture shown is the deep version and is done by really flexible practitioners or when the spine is warmed up.

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Unwind from reverse triangle bending the left knee as you do so. Place the right leg down and sink into Crescent Moon pose again this time stretching the arms up.

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