Vinyasa Card No 16

Krounchasana Hamstring Flow
Sit on the heels and place the palms together beside the chest. The heels can also be taken wide and to the outside of the hips for a deeper stretch on the knees.

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This is a tricky transition. Be careful on the knees and place the right hand down to the right. Roll slightly to the left so that the heel comes out to the side. (The knees are venerable in these kind of transitions they have to be very flexible.)

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Carefully take the left leg out from under you and bend the knee.
Reposition yourself so that he lower back is not curved badly. Then grab under the bend left leg. Take it to the chest bent then slowly straighten it up. It is easier to bring the leg in bent and then straighten it rather that straightening it and then taking it into your chest.

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Bring the left leg down to the left and lean forward.

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Then open the right leg to the right and come down to the right.

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Come up and then down to the left.

Perform this sequence in the same order on the opposite side. This sequence can also be performed in a reverse order.

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