Yoga Positions

Yoga position - Parsva Bakasana

This Yoga position is the Side Crane.

The hands are placed in front of the body a little wider than shoulder width apart.

The knees are bent then one is placed on top of the other.

Place the knees as high up the arm as possible then lean the outside of the leg into the arm.

Turn the hand slightly in if its hard to hook the legs above the arm.


The easy way to do this position is to tuck the elbow under the body to provide a pillar of support. This is show opposite.

Lean forward with the shoulders and upper body until the legs naturally rise. Keep them together by applying pressure towards the inside of the legs.

The body can be raised from the supporting elbow to allow more freedom. The arm can even be straightened.

Feel free to extend through the toes, ball points of the toes or the heels.




yoga Positions
yoga Positions
side crow yoga Positions

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