Yoga Positions - Koundinyasana 2

This yoga position was named after a sage.

This pose is very similar to the one above. The difference is that the leg that is hooked over the arm is straightened.

If you point the toes of the leg that is hooked over the arm it may slide off the arm. So unless you are really flexible push through the heel of the

Once again the opposite elbow can be placed under the body making it easier to maintain this pose for longer. In the picture below right you can see the elbow is loose. This allows the side of the body to stretch more.

There is also 2 different variations a low and a high shown. In each of the yoga Positions always explore variations. You may find subtle and gross changes to a certain position can reveal hidden shapes and form that naturally flow with your energy.
leg extended sideways. This will move force and energy forward making it easier to keep the leg hooked over the arm.

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