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Yoga Positions

Yoga Positions - Bakasana

bakasana yoga PositionsThe first arm balance yoga position is one of the easiest to perform. It is known as Bakasana which means the Crane. Demonstrated is the easy version with the elbows bent.

In the easy version you can turn the fingers in a little so that the elbows turn out and make it easy for the knees to balance on the arms. In this method you do not need as much arm strength.

One of the fundamental secrets of arm balances is finding what is known as the tilting point. This is when you lean forward enough to raise the body naturally of the floor.

yoga positionFear can be an obstacle of finding this point. There is fear that we may plunge head first into the floor and there is also fear that the wrists will be injured. These fears are quite justified because both can occur quite easily.

This yoga position can also be performed with the arms straight but it is hard on the wrists.

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