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home yoga Print out sequences and learn useful tips if you are going to begin a home practice.

Yoga Fitness - See many examples of yoga flows that are designed for fitness rather than strength and flexibility.

Yoga Mat - See our favorite yoga mats to practice on. Find a good yoga mat to protect your joints.

free yoga - Print out these free yoga sequences and practice yoga at home. Each sequence is unique and has a yoga flow about it as the poses blend really well with each other. Yoga video clips are also available so you can really study them and master these simple yoga sequences.

practice yoga - Another 4 nice yoga flow sequences with downloadable images for your yoga practice. Watch Yoga Video Clips so that you really master the flow.

beginners yoga- There are some tips on how to do these beginners yoga better and how to avoid injury. Shows Cobra pose, Triangle pose and more.

vinyasa yoga- See a compilation of al our vinyasa yoga sequences.

Benefits Of Yoga - What are the Benefits Of Yoga? Hindu philosophers believe that the practice of yoga can give supernatural powers but read to see some of the more realsitic benefits of yoga.

beginners yoga flow - Although this yoga exercise is called Cat flow it has 2 yoga poses in it. One is called Cat pose the other is called Cow pose.

beginner yoga positions - Beginner yoga positions shows many asana yoga pictures for the yoga beginner and useful tips for those who have just started to practice yoga.

beginners yoga child pose - What are the benefits of beginner performing Child pose. See how this pose increase lower back flexibility as well as the flexibility of the knees.

beginners yoga chair - Although this yoga pose is commonly called Chair pose the actual name is Awkward pose.  See how to do this basic yoga pose and learn tips to avoid injuring your knees.

beginners yoga - Downward Dog pose requires flexibility in many areas such as the entire leg muscles and the shoulders. Beginners in yoga will have to perform this yoga pose as it is a pose that is done in almost every yoga class.

beginners yoga triangle - Beginners yoga classes often have Triangle pose as this pose is an easy pose to perform with a block or when the hand is placed on the leg.

Learn yoga - find out more about the 3 most important aspects of modern day yoga. Yoga asana, Yoga Pranayama and yoga meditation.

benefits of yoga - These are so called unwanted benefits of yoga and included being able to read the minds of others, turn yourself invisible and even levitate. I assure you it's all true.

yoga class - A good yoga class depends on many things. Here are some things we think are important. If you can find a yoga class with all of them then you have found the right one.

flow yoga - In flow yoga classes you often find yourself holding yoga poses. The truth is some flow yoga classes have a lot more flow than others.

yoga for beginners - Avoid popular yoga poses like the handstand if you are a beginner. You may not believe it but many yoga teachers will encourage you to try this when you are new and you have not achieved proper arm strength training.

Hatha yoga - A long time ago Yoga practitioners sat in meditation seeking a deep union with something greater than their simple human minds could ever perceive.

iyenga yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar was born on December 14, 1918 in Bellur, Karnataka India. He is a legend in yoga and dedicated his life to teaching yoga and writing about the sacred art making the refinements of many of the 8 limbs of Hatha Yoga available for all to learn.

Krishnamacharya - Some of the most recognized Hatha Yoga teachers in the West were students of Krishnamacharya. B.K.S. Iyengar (Iyenger Yoga) and Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Yoga) are 2 of his most influential students and have helped inspire the yoga movement as we know it today.

sanskrit - This old Indian language was thought to have originated from the North or North West and trickled down into the formally unified India. Vedic form which is the earliest form of Sanskrit can be traced as early as around 1500 BC. It slowly transitioned to what is now known as classical Sanskrit due to a man called Pānini.

types of yoga styles - There are many different styles of yoga. They differ greatly in their effects and your experience when attending a yoga class. In fact many of the same styles of yoga differ depending on the teacher teaching them.

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yoga teacher training - Outlines many important aspects of a yoga teacher training. some necessary components of a god quality yoga teacher training. All else should come after. Learning the history of yoga and old text will take away from the potential teachers ability to teach a good flowing yoga class and may even bore students.
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yoga fitness exercise
A yoga fitness sequence for arm strength and lateral flexibility. Sequence also stretches the hamstrings, calf muscles and quadriceps strength.
yoga fitness >>

tone thighs

This yoga fitness flow begins in the Triangle pose. This pose can be held to open your hamstrings and open the lateral muscles. The back leg is then hopped forward a little to make the transition into the Half moon pose easier.
yoga fitness >>

hips and abdominals
This yoga fitness flow works out the thighs because of the repetitive transitions into Half moon pose. There is also a number of spinal alignment moves combined with core strengthening.
yoga fitness >>

yoga fitness poses

This yoga fitness sequence combines arm strengthening poses with 2 standing spinal twists. Many of the leg and hip muscles are also stretched. The hamstrings and calf muscles are lengthened and the hip muscles are stretched.
yoga fitness >>

yoga fitness postures

This sequence helps core yoga fitness. Flow through the Boat pose a number of times while rocking on the spine. Try different positions with the legs to tone different muscles. You can also bend the knees for an easier flow.
yoga fitness >>

backend yoga poses

This yoga fitness flow begins in Virasana called Hero Pose. The hands are placed down and the knees are placed on the elbows. The body is then lifted (optional) into the Crane pose. Yoga Fitness >>

lateral yoga fitness

Plenty of arm yoga positions make this yoga fitness sequences strengthen the arms as well as working the legs well.
yoga fitness >>

yoga for fitness
This yoga fitness flow is a standing pose flow. The center pose is done for balance in the hamstrings. If one side of your body is tighter than the other try moving your head towards that side so that it stretches more. This can be done until the muscles have the same feeling of flexibility on both sides.

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