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Qualities To Aim For As a  Yoga Teachers

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1. Teach safe and effective exercise. This means not being pushed into unnecessary boundaries or doing postures that are unsafe. A good yoga teacher will challenge those who want to be challenged and at the same time give light boundaries to those who do not want to be pushed. It is hard to strengthen and stretch all the muscle groups on one class. A good teacher will achieve this.

2. Proper demonstration - Too many yoga teachers are lazy and walk around without even demonstrating. Others do not demonstrate well or even too much. Yoga teachers should demonstrate well but do not go too far. A real master can move a class into a pose effortlessly.

3. Proper verbal instruction - This means good instructions on what to do. Yoga teachers often go on a tangent of yoga information when basic instruction and guidance is needed. A lot of the time yoga teachers talk too much. Tones in the voice are a skill that must be mastered to motivate or relax individuals. Look for teachers that have mastered motivational speech.

4. Postures that flow well together - Classes are more enjoyable when the postures flow.

5. Classes taught to the level of the capabilities of the individuals - A good yoga teacher will modify a class to fit the needs and abilities of that class. Pre-determined sequences prevent this.

6. Good safety tips - Yoga teachers that give good safety tips demonstrate a deeper knowledge of yoga postures not just the benefits.

7. Individual help - A good yoga teacher can conduct and guide a class while identifying and helping individuals with special needs. This may take away from the demonstrations and that is a give and take situation for our teacher to decide.

8. Proper Breathing Tips - In a 1 hour class is there is hardly any time to give Exercise, breathing and meditation. A good yoga teacher will achieve this.

9. Motivate Students Well - A good yoga teacher will motivate students in a class well. They will also motivate them to practice regularly.

10. Set realistic goals and rewarding goals- It is easy to set unrealistic goals which results in students feeling let down when they do not achieve them. It is also very important to reward goals achieved. This can be simply acknowledging verbally when someone has achieved something small.

And above all!

Yoga teachers should aim to properly deliver the message yoga - Yoga is different to exercise. Sadly the true message of yoga is rarely given during a yoga class. A good yoga teacher will do this without angering religious beliefs. Yoga is more than a Union with the body. It is Union with the Divine.

written by Mark Giubarelli


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