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What are the Benefits Of Cat Flow?

cat basic yoga pose flow

Basic Cat FLow

Although this yoga exercise is called Cat flow it has 2 yoga poses in it. One is called Cat pose the other is called Cow pose.

To perform this yoga exercise breathe in as the belly comes down and breath out as the chin comes to the chest.

There are variations to the stretches at the bottom of the image. You may want to do these variations to stretch different parts of your back.

The Cat flow really benefits the muscle balance in the back and encourages a healthy spine by moving blood all around it. A good amount of time to do this is more than eight.

Safety Tip!
If your knees suffer some kind of ailment especially any kind of wear and tear such as arthritis try placing a towel under your shins just below the knees. This will prevent any pressure on the knees as they will be raised. You can also simply fold your mat slightly under the knees.

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