Arms and Leg Flow

A yoga fitness sequence for arm strength and lateral flexibility.
Sequence also stretches the hamstrings, calf muscles and quadriceps strength. In many Sun Salutations there is common flow of Downward Dog forward to Plank pose, Down to 8 Limb pose and up to Cobra pose or Upward Facing Dog pose and finally back to Downward Dog. If you do this too much your back can become sore as a result of the low back muscles and ligaments becoming inflamed from repetitive overstretching and not enough time to heal. You can use the flow without Cobra pose or even add it after you flow through the usual Cobra pose to Upward Dog pose to further strengthen the arms.

yoga fitness Flow Instructions

The sequence begins in Downward Dog.

Inhale forward to Plank Pose.

Exhale down to 8 Limb Pose.

Inhale back up to Plank pose.

Exhale back to One Leg Downward Dog Pose.

Inhale and step the left leg forward into a Lunge Pose.

Exhale into Triangle pose.

Inhale into the variation of Warrior 2 pose.

See the 3 poses for a possible good exit. Always be creative with your transitions into the opposite side your options are endless.

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