Thigh Toner

This yoga fitness flow begins in the Triangle pose. This pose can be held to open your hamstrings and open the lateral muscles. The back leg is then hopped forward a little to make the transition into the Half moon pose easier. The left hand is taken out a little to the right because it is too hard to balance when it is directly in line with the left foot.


Raise the right leg and then take it down. For more of a challenge raise the leg as high as possible as this will work the hip muscles more. Do this with an exhalation and then inhale and take it down. Repeat this until the leg muscles can no longer do it before stepping the leg back to Triangle pose.

Take a full inhalation and exhalation into the version of Warrior 2 bacause it is a long way to travel and you may find you run out of breath. Extra breaths are always good for you because when the mind is starved of oxygen it panics causing the practitioner to flow with haste.

Here is the instructions for the yoga fitness flow.

Exhale into Triangle pose.

Inhale and transition.

Exhale into Half Moon pose. Repeat the movement into and out of the pose bringing the leg up and down as you breathe.

Exhale back into Triangle pose.

Inhale as you raise up and exhale into the Warrior 2 version.

Inhale into the lunge then exhale and bring the hands down to the mat.
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