Flow Yoga 8

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Flow Yoga Crescent Moon up to Warrior 1

This is a nice yoga flow that uses a yoga pose called Crescent Moon Pose twice. Once on the way back and once on the way forward. If you want you can switch legs rather than staying on the same leg which is demonstrated. Crescent Moon Pose is a hard yoga posture to perform. It can hurt the knee or can lead to Sacrum stability problems. Be careful when you perform it and enter it lightly. Transitioning up to Warrior 1 Pose is nice from Cresent Moon Pose but requires the practitioner to hold one of the yoga postures for a full breath.

flowing yoga pose
The first posture Tadasana with the hands placed together.
Exhale all the air leaving only a little in the lungs.

Inhale stretch the arms up and tilt lightly forward with the pelvis.

Exhale down into a forward bend. Enter a mild boundary when bending down.

Inhale step the right or left leg back. In this case the right leg is shown stepping back.
Exhale back to Downward Dog.

Inhale forward into Plank Pose
Exhale down to Eight Limb Pose.

Inhale up to Upward Facing Cobra pose. (Enter Upward Dog Pose if you like.)

Exhale back to Downward Dog.

Inhale step the left leg forward.
Exhale back and straighten the left leg.

Inhale into Warrior 1 Pose.

Exhale into Warrior 2 Pose.


Inhale and lean forward into Warrior 3 preperation pose.

Exhale into Warrior 3 pose.

Inhale raise the arms up.

Exhale back to standing.