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What are the Benefits Of The basic yoga pose called Child Pose?

basic pose child
Child Pose stretches the lower back and knees.

The knees can be open for easier breathing.

Child pose can be a very good stretch for the knees when done in a correct boundary. For many people Child pose barely seems like it stretches the knees but for other such as beginners to yoga of those who may have a knee condition great care must be taken. Stretch to the point that you have mild resistance and o more.

Enter the pose very slowly as fast movements increase the chance of injury.

Child pose is often used to counter balance other beginner yoga positions such as Cobra pose. It is also nice to use Child pose if a pose is too strenuous and you need a break. This can be especially useful in Downward Dog pose.

Child pose also stretches many muscles around the hips including many gluteal muscles that surround the sacrum.

Placing the forehead down also promotes good blood flow to the frontal lobes in the brain helping better concentration and overall balance to the mind.

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