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Beginners yoga

Chair Pose - Child pose - Triangle Pose - Downward Dog

Learn Downward Dog pose - Beginners Yoga

See more about yoga for beginners and many beginner yoga positions.

See a Yoga Sun Salutation with Downward Dog pose at the bottom of this page.
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Downward Dog pose
requires flexibility in many areas. Beginners in yoga will have to perform this yoga pose as it is a pose that is done in almost every yoga class.

Downward Dog pose is one of the most overdone yoga poses in yoga classes.

Yoga Teachers often make yoga students hold Downward Dog for long periods of time many times. This results in the wrists straining and becoming inflamed. You should know that there are many benefits to Downward Dog pose but if held too long many negative effects can occur such as chronic inflammation of the wrists. You see the wrists are made up of many small joints that were not meant to take all of the bodies weight.

Even the most experienced yoga teachers may make you hold Downward Dog For too long so if you find yourself in yoga classes that hold Downward Dog for too long take a break in Child pose. Taking small breaks will make all the difference and it is more beneficial.


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