Yoga classes

When choosing a yoga class you are sometimes flooded with options but find yourself in the wrong class and you may feel like you are being tortured by the intensity or bored to death by the slow pace. Listen to totally cools yoga music when you practice yoga at home.

yoga classes

Learn about different types of yoga styles to find a more suitable class for your needs.

Flowing Vinyasa Yoga classes vary in intensity. Some will have a soft and smooth flow while other will have a fast paced yoga flow with challenging yoga postures throughout. Some seem to have no flow at all which makes me wonder if the yoga teachers know the meaning of flow.

Astanga yoga is an old challenging yoga flow of set sequences. There are many sequences and once one has mastered a sequence they progress to the next. Many of the sequences flow around sun salutations.

Iyengar Yoga is a more traditional yoga class where yoga posture are analyzed in tremendous detail. They can be very boring but are informative and great for yoga teachers. There is no other class that gives this much attention to detail.