Sarvangasana Side Open

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Eka Pada Parsva Sarvangasana

Translation: Open Leg Side Shoulderstand Pose

This pose is actually one of the easiest Side Shoulderstand pose variations to perform.
The one that’s usually seen in Yoga has both legs to one side.

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In the Shoulderstand pose twist the legs 45 degrees then open them as they are taken down. Rotate one leg so it is sideways and extend the other leg diagonally out.

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It is quite challenging to balance on the hand and can be hard on the wrist. Try placing the hand on different positions until you find a place that supports the pose. I prefer to place it slightly on the hip but you may want to try placing the hand around or on the sacrum.

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Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing and Flowing
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Shoulderstand Yoga pose