Yoga Music

For many years I have mixed different yoga music for yoga classes. I searched and searched for the coolest beats and chants out there. It saved me having to speak so much in yoga classes and at the end there was always a line of people asking me where I got my music from.

This is a small sample list of totally cool yoga music to listen to when you practice yoga or to play in a yoga class.

Deva Premal 1999 Love Is Space

Deva Premal 2001 The Essence

Deva Premal 2002 Embrace

Deva Premal 2002 Satsang

Deva Premal 2003 Trusting the Silence Miten

Deva Premal Maneesh de Moor Om Deeksha

Deva Premal Moola Mantra

Snatam Kaur The Best of

Snatam Kaur Khalsa Prem

Snatam Kaur Grace

Snatam Kaur Aadays Tisai Aadays

Rasa Saffron Blue

Rasa Temple of Love

Rasa Shelter

Rasa Union

Rasa Devotion

VA-Oriental Beats-3CD-2006-Psychedelic Cyber Zone

Karma Collection Sunrise

padma previ Divine visions

padma previ goddess chants

Govinda Erotic Rhythms From the Earth

Govinda O Earthly Gods

Indian's Sacred Spirit Sacred Spirit

yoga teacher training Hollywood

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